Track Your Dividends with MerryDiv Dividend tracker

The MerryDiv Dashboard brings all your stocks insights under one roof. Stocks, Dividends, diversification - everything.

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One Dashboard for all your Investments

Free dividend tracker that tells you everything you need to know about your portfolio.

Track your dividends

See how your dividends increase month after month and let us do the heavy lifting of keeping your data up to date. MerryDiv will pull the new transactions directly from your broker account so you don't have to. It will also create a graph of your dividends so you can see the progress.

Track your stocks

Keep track of each of your stocks and see how they perform. Find out how much dividends you will get per year and some useful stats about your position.

Track your Diversification

Which stock pay you the most? See if you are well diversified and which industry and sector has the best growth. If you know how important it is to keep your portfolio diversified, the MerryDiv dividend dashboard will help you keep track and help you make the right decisions.

Why MerryDiv

Tracking dividends from your broker accounts like Robinhood, Schwab, Vanguard, and other is not easy and doesn't let you aggregate between accounts. Many are using a custom excel document to solve that issue that they need to update every time they buy/sell or receive dividends.

MerryDiv is the solution: After linking your broker accounts, MerryDiv will create a free dividend tracker Dashboard customized for you. Every day, it will pull the new transactions, update the price of each stock and list all the dividends you received.

Every week and month, it will send you an email with your new payouts so you can keep track.

Easy to use, MerryDiv dividend tracker will help you stay motivated to invest.


Custom dashboard that show you exactly what you want for free.

Always up to date

We use the data from your accounts to keep the data up to date so you don't have to.

Easy setup

Create your dashboard in a few minutes, we will take care of the rest.

Watch it grow

Enjoy and get summary update every months to know how well your porfolio performed.

Free Dividend tracker Dashboard

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