MerryDiv is a free dividend tracker. After creating an account, you can link your brokerage accounts and MerryDiv will pull all your portfolio and dividends to create a customized dashboard for you. You can link multiple accounts and all your stocks will be tracked on the dashboard.

MerryDiv Free Dividend Tracker

On the main dashboard, you can track:

  • You Investment Performance: (Sum of you assets + all dividends received) / sum paid to buy
  • The amount of dividends received over the last 12 months and overall. We can usually get the dividends back to 1 year after your link your account
  • The estimated dividend income over the next 12 months and the dividend payout ratio percentage

MerryDiv also provide premium features:

MerryDiv dividends over time graph

See your progress month after month. This help to keep yourself motivated as you see your dividend payout increase.

Portfolio diversification over Industry/Sector and Country

Track very quickly how diversified your portfolio is by checking your diversification by

  • Industry
  • Sector
  • Country

Every week and month, receive an email with how you performed and which dividend you received. It makes it easy to track your progress and keep an eye on the stock market.

Feel free to reach out at if you have features you would like to see or questions.

September 26, 2020