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If like us you have been into Dividend stocks, you know how exciting it is to see your progress and how much you make every month. Trying to always get a little more than the previous month motivate you to buy more and stick to dividend stocks instead of trying to beat the market by making big bets on tech stocks.

Like everyone, the easy solution is to create a spreadsheet, add some formula in it and list all the stocks that you bought. Each time you buy or sell a stock, you go update your document. When you get a new dividend, you rush to it again to add it to the list, with the amount, the date and the dividend yield.

Where Merrydiv come from?

Merrydiv is a Free Dividend Tracker that was build with the idea that you should not have to update your data every time you get a payout or buy/sell a stocks. If you use multiple brokers, there is not great tool to see all your portfolio at the same place.

When you create an account, we ask you to link your Brokers (Robinhood, Schwab, Vanguard, other) and let MerryDiv do the heavy lifting.

We use a secure API and never see or store the credentials of your accounts.

Every night, MerryDiv will pull the new transactions, update the stocks price, the dividend yield, industry/sector and update your dashboard.

What you get?

You get a graph that show your dividend payout over the last 12 months, all the stocks from all your brokers in one page with the current price, the price you paid for it, the growth and some interesting data like how much you will make in the next 12 months for a stock or how much dividends you should get in the next 12 months. You can also track your portfolio performance, everything is one easy to understand page.

Every weeks MerryDiv will send you a resume of the dividends you got. Every month, you will get a summary of the month so you don't have to track it yourself. You can also change your preferences if you don't wish to receive one or the other.

MerryDiv is still under construction and some data could be inaccurate but we hope to get your feedback to make it the best tool to track all your dividends and stock without the headache or keeping track of when you buy, sell or get dividends.

MerryDiv is free and we hope to stay free as long as possible.

If you have a feature request, contact us at

Keep your motivation to invest more

As soon as you start buying dividend stocks, you realize how amazing it is to see your money make you more money. Every month, you wait to see how well you did and quickly realize that the first month it pays for your Netflix subscription; the following month, it pays for your T-mobile plan; after a few month, a nice dinner and from there, there is no limit.

Seeing your progress make you more likely to keep investing and look for the best stock to invest in. The harder is to start and then you quickly regret you didn't start a year ago.

Get started now with your Free MerryDiv Dividend Tracker.

Cheers and happy saving.

September 26, 2020